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There’s a reason why successful men have watch cabinets and cases for their collections. A good watch collection should be viewed like a tool chest. There’s a right tool for every job, and a correct watch for every occasion.


A watch is an essential wardrobe accessory but it should not be a key point of your look. Instead, a watch should fit the ensemble. A watch should fit the man, complement the outfit and match the occasion. Remember, flashy isn’t classy.


Before selecting a watch, whether it’s the first in your collection, or the latest addition, it’s important to be educated on two things: size and style.


Sizing Watch Aspects

When selecting a watch, some people think bigger is better. However, when in social settings, networking, meeting a potential new boss, colleague or intimate partner, pulling up your sleeve to show a flashy, oversized and bejeweled watch could have a negative effect. It doesn’t show confidence. It looks like the wearer is desperate to compensate.

In much the same way that wearing the wrong size suit makes someone look amateur or ill prepared, wearing an undersized or oversized watch can have the same effect. The most important aspect of sizing your watch will be selecting the right case diameter for your wrist. With most watches, the other dimensions will follow or are based on personal taste or contemporary trends. 


Watch Case

The typical range for Case Diameters in men’s watches falls between 38mm and 46mm. The larger your wrist, the larger the case diameter should be.

The first step in selecting a well-proportioned watch to wrist ratio is measuring your wrist using a tailor’s tape measure or even a dollar bill if you’re in a pinch as it measures 6 inches and will offer a quick frame of reference. Most men’s wrists will fall between 6-8 inches:

A 6 to 7 inch wrist circumference will wear a watch cace of 38mm to 42mm.

A 7 to 8 inch wrist circumference will wear a watch cace of 44mm to 46mm.



Most fashionable men agree that a comprehensive watch collection is essential to a wardrobe. However, this doesn’t need to be achieved overnight. There are many versatile watches that can help fill the gaps if you're on a budget. A good rule of thumb is that a watch can be worn one level up and one level down in regards to the occasion or setting.

For example, most professional watches can be worn in a formal setting as well as a casual setting. This is a good "starting point" if your current budget calls for only one watch.

Our Executive Collection is a great place to begin if you’re looking for that versatile starter watch. A watch from this collection works well as a starter because they are not just a great watch for the workplace. They are also versatile and great in a pinch for both formal events and more casual settings like taking that special someone out for dinner.

When selecting a starter watch, keep your future collection in mind though. Much like a tool shelf, there’s an occasion for every watch, and there’s no need to waste money on a timepiece that will gather dust or be set aside as your collection grows.

To prevent yourself from discarding a watch once you decide to start building your ideal collection, keep your sites on building that collection from day one. The goal in a well-rounded watch collection is to have at least one watch for each of the main 6 styles: 

- Formal Attire (See our Dress Collection)

- Professional Attire (See our Executive Collection)

- Business Casual Attire (See our Chrono Collection)

- Casual/Weekend Attire (See our Aviator Collection)

- Athletic Attire (See our Field Collection)

- Rugged Attire (See our Marine Collection)


As young men, it's easy to get into the mindset of bigger is always better. Sometimes, and especially with watches, that is just not the case. Today, there’s a market for oversized, flea market watches. You don’t want to be that guy with a $25 rhinestone bedazzled timepiece while socializing, networking or shaking hands with someone who could be your next business partner, boss or intimate partner.

Not everyone is entirely educated on the various categories or styles of watches. Those that are, however, will notice that something is off if you wear the wrong watch in a particular setting.

Think about it in comparison to women’s jewelry. The same broach or necklace a woman would wear at a wedding or at church would immediately look out of place in another setting like on a hike or at brunch.

If you joined her for brunch wearing your favorite jeans, you would fit the occasion perfectly. However, she may not agree if she saw you wearing those same jeans on a hike.

It’s the same with watches. The difference is in the details.